Amore Nostalgia bear


Collect them, layer them or stack them – our Nostalgia Bear styles are made to be mixed and matched with all of our Crystal Haze Jewelry chains and necklaces. Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of gold and silver, the romantic touch of Amore, the cool vibes of Mykonos or the sparkle of pavé finishes, there is a Nostalgia Bear for everyone.

Fuelled by childhood memories, iconic fashion and the unforgettable music of the 90s, The Nostalgia Bears are a vibrant celebration of the era that shaped us. The evocative memories of the 90s is felt in a universal language that transcends borders and cultures and these iconic bears are a chance to recapture that magic.

  Material: 18k gold plated brass and resin. 

All our jewelry is allergy and nickel free.