Mini Nostalgia bear hoop - Silver plated




Embrace the enduring charm of the 90s with the adorable Mini Nostalgia Bear Hoops from Crystal Haze Jewelry. These playful styles offer a delightful update on our beloved Nostalgia Bear collection, capturing the essence of youthful joy in a subtle and sophisticated design.

Fuelled by childhood memories, iconic fashion and the unforgettable music of the 90s, The Nostalgia Collection is a vibrant celebration of the era that shaped us. The evocative memories of the 90s is felt in a universal language that transcends borders and cultures and this collection is a chance to recapture that magic. The Nostalgia Collection is a love letter to that shared experience and a reminder to embrace the playful spirit within us all. 

 • Available in both gold and silver plated. 

  Material: Silver plated brass

All our jewelry is allergy and nickel free.