Bon Appétit Bracelet


The Bon Appétit Bracelet is the perfect accessory for adding a touch of lighthearted fun to your romantic rendezvous. Inspired by the fluttering butterflies in your stomach and the shared experience of a delicious meal, this charming cutlery-inspired bracelet captures the essence of a blossoming connection. The Bon Appétit Bracelet makes the perfect sentimental gift for your significant other to remind them of special date nights you might have shared where precious memories were created. This bracelet is also adjustable so you can have it as secure as you please. 

Within The Date Night collection you can find the perfect gift for your girlfriend including versatile jewelry with twists and winks to the bedroom or mark anniversaries with jewelry gifts dripping in sentimental value.

Material: Silver plated brass and cubic zirconia

Length: 17 cm + 0.5 cm flexible