Lift & Pop Bracelet - Silver


Whether it's a first date filled with nervous butterflies or popping bottles while you flirt away, The Lift & Pop Bracelet is more than just an accessory, it's a symbol of the anticipation and excitement of a new connection. This design was inspired by a bottle opener as a direct reference to those moments - it can symbolise bottling up those magic feelings when a spark first alights and make the perfect gift for someone who you want to evoke those feelings to. This bracelet is also adjustable so you can have it as secure as you please. 

Within The Date Night collection you can find the perfect gift for your girlfriend including versatile jewelry with twists and winks to the bedroom or mark anniversaries with jewellery gifts dripping in sentimental value.

Material: Silver plated brass and cubic zirconia

Length: 17 cm + 0.5 cm flexible