Candy Pink Nostalgia Earring



Embrace the best of both worlds with our Mexican Chain Nostalgia Bear Earrings! Created with another one of our best-selling products, the Mexican Chain, these are sold separately so you can mix and match with different colours and have fun with the style. We recommend playing with height, lengths and textures. After all, who doesn’t love a drop earring with a touch of nostalgia? 

Fuelled by childhood memories, iconic fashion and the unforgettable music of the 90s, The Nostalgia Collection is a vibrant celebration of the era that shaped us. The evocative memories of the 90s is felt in a universal language that transcends borders and cultures and this collection is a chance to recapture that magic. The Nostalgia Collection is a love letter to that shared experience and a reminder to embrace the playful spirit within us all.

 • Sold separately as one earring

• Nostalgia bear in color Candy pink. 

• The Nostalgia Bear itself is also available separately as a pendant or hoop.

  Material: 18k gold plated brass, cubic zirconia and resin. 

All our jewelry is allergy and nickel free.