Summer Fling Lariat


At Crystal Haze Jewelry, we are obsessed with colorful beaded jewelry that's ready for the beach. Meet The Flirt Necklace’s cooler older sister, introducing The Summer Fling Necklace! The grown-up glow-up to your childhood corner shop’s candy necklaces and perfect for those who have an affinity for colorful jewelry. Created as a nostalgic reminder of edible jewelry of the 90s and 00s, this is the ultimate go-to for a colorful beaded necklace with a twist.

Featuring soladite, jade, amethyst, clear quartz and citrine, the elegant lariat design makes The Summer Fling Necklace effortless to throw on and stack with other necklaces for a layered look. 

Within The Date Night collection you can find the perfect gift for your girlfriend including versatile jewelry with twists and winks to the bedroom or mark anniversaries with jewelry gifts dripping in sentimental value.

Material: 18k gold plated brass, soladite, jade, amethyst, clear quartz and citrine

Length: 75 cm